I’m Primalknitter.  You might be able to guess that I eat a Primal diet and I knit.  I am not entirely sure which direction I will take this blog yet, but my main goal is to post about food I make and eat, with a bit of crafting thrown in on the side.  I love collecting recipes from around the blogosphere, so I hope to post about the ones I try (with appropriate credit back to the home blog!) and what I think of them.  There’s a chance I could blog about some life stuff as well, depending how things go for me.  I hope to use this blog as a motivational tool for myself, to change my life through a better diet and more active lifestyle.

Knitting doesn’t play very well into that scenario, but it is part of who I am and I refuse to give it up simply because it’s sedentary!  I am passionate about my crafts, and my interests lie mainly with textiles.  I own a spinning wheel and a rigid-heddle loom for spinning and weaving, along with countless drop spindles and knitting needles.  I have recently fallen in love with my sewing machine again, and am looking to expand my sewing technique repertoire.  To me, these handcrafts are very similar to cooking since it’s starting with a bunch of “ingredients” (fabric, thread, yarn) and making them into something better than the sum of their parts.  There’s nothing like being able to put on a hand knit sweater in public and knowing you made it yourself.  It’s even better when no one notices that it’s handmade, but compliments are always welcome!

So, we’ll see how this thing goes!


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