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Well, perhaps not a fear as such.  It may better be described as a slight hang-up/intimidation.  And it’s for a really silly reason.  For months, I have been intimidated by the following item in my pantry:

I told you it was silly!

Yes, it’s canned fish. I’ve eaten it before, in the form of tuna and salmon, but after buying this, I saw it stated in a paleo group that there are skin and bones contained within this can.  That very thought put me off massively, and it just sat in the cupboard, staring at me every time I opened it.

So, as I’ve been trying to reign in my diet to get back to the basics, I thought today was as good a day as any to get past this ridiculous fear.  I didn’t get a photo of the bones and such (dirty hands), but they were certainly there.  I drained and rinsed the fish since the pieces felt a little bit slimy. The pieces were simply gutted pieces of mackerel – with the spine and the bones in place.  The skin didn’t bother me as such, since I’m happy to eat the skin on salmon and all, but it wasn’t thick like salmon – more like a thin glossy layer.  I ignored it while I took the bones out and broke off the pieces of edible fish. (I know the bones are technically edible, but as I live alone and wasn’t about to try to conquer two phobias in one day, I was not going to risk one getting stuck. *shudders*)

The fish is VERY flaky and tender, and broke apart very easily:

Plenty of fish!

This is what was leftover:

Not for me, thanks....

So it took a little more “work” to process this can than it would have been to open a can of boneless tuna or salmon.  However, I think the efforts were worth it.  Mackerel is a VERY mild and tasty fish!  It’s milder than tuna, in my opinion and I enjoyed eating it very much.  This was my meal:


This included about an ounce of raw chopped onion, some extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice, and a generous sprinkling of an herb blend from Penzey’s, called Mural of Flavor.  It’s a large, but satisfying 100% paleo portion, weighing in at 344 calories, 1g carbs, 17g fat, and a whopping 44g of protein!  I’m kind of sorry I let this linger for so long, since I can foresee it being part of my meals rather often.  I might look for boneless varieties since it would just be easier, but since it took all of 5 minutes to clean up the bones it shouldn’t matter much.  The very best part is that this can was only a dollar and change – makes my budget conscious heart just sing!