Well, I have been knitting the Sky Scarf for exactly three months today.  This is what it looks like so far:

Three months along

It’s fascinating how you can see some weather trends in there!   It’s a very easy project, and I’ve never minded garter stitch.  I’ve occasionally got behind and had to do several days in one sitting.  The absolute worst part is juggling the 7 balls of yarn!  No matter how careful I am, they get horribly tangled.   I can always untangle them by shifting the balls around in a little tango for a few minutes but it’s still kind of frustrating.  If I had a table to keep it on, instead of keeping the balls in a stiff bottomed shopping bag, it might be easier.  It’s also a bit…interesting…to carry all those yarns up the side of the scarf neatly too.  I’m sure it only looks bad to my perfectionist eye, but I wish it could look nicer than it does.

Well, I’m going to keep on with this!  I like working with the Jaggerspun though – I am going to have a lot left over, and I’m going to want to use it up!