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I like making things.  This may be the understatement of the century.

I’ve been turned onto natural beauty products since about 2002-ish.  I found that my skin and hair responded much better to products that had fewer chemicals in them.  For a long time I looked to Lush products, but as they’ve become more popular and commercialized, I definitely buy less from them.  I have a few favorites that I will probably always buy for the scent (until they inevitably discontinue it), but I’m much more interested in finding frugal, homemade solutions to my basic needs these days.

I came across this recipe from ReadyMade on Pinterest.  With only 3 ingredients that I happen to have on hand, I really did have to try it!


(No, I don’t know why I didn’t take the picture sideways.)  I wanted to make a coconut oil lotion since it has so many healing properties and its ability to sink in easily. My skin is VERY thirsty these days, and straight coconut oil is the only thing that satisfies it.  It’s just a bit fiddly to apply in the winter since the jar becomes solidified below 76 degrees.  The recipe also says you can use rosewater instead of regular water so I added several drops of rosewater concentrate to my cup of water.  I also had beeswax beads instead of a brick, and I didn’t bother to process them any further.  They melted just fine!

Ready to melt!

Once the oil was melted it was time to emulsify it with the water I had waiting in the blender.  I poured the oil in very slowly, which reminded me of making mayo, and let the blender do its thing.  Halfway through the process I could see chunks of solidified oil sloshing in the water, but I kept pouring.  Suddenly I had a smooth creamy mixture that looked like this:


I didn’t have a reasonably sized container to hold the entire batch, so I put it in two glass jars:

Ready to go!

I forgot to put essential oil in the whole batch so I stirred it in after the fact with a chopstick.  I always get 2 sets of chopsticks when I order Japanese, so I save the extras for times like this! The stirring also helped get all the air bubbles out, which just made them look nicer.  I don’t think I will have ANY problem getting through this in 3 months, so I put one in the bathroom and one in the drawer by my bed.  I had so much lotion on my hands from getting it into the jars that I moisturized my arms and legs right there in the kitchen before washing up.  My skin is still lovely and soft a few hours later!

I will definitely be making this again! I would prefer to use a dedicated blender for making lotions due to the wax, but I don’t have the space right now.  The wax softened up enough to be washed out by soaking the blender in really hot water for a few minutes.  If you have a spare blender and lots of space, I’d use it!