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I am so glad I got a larger crock pot for Christmas!  I can finally stick larger cuts of meat in there without being concerned that it will overflow.  I needed to do a slow cooker meal this week, so I set about browsing some of my favorite recipe sites and settled at PaleOMG.  I love her stuff!  Her writing is very entertaining too.  I decided this Easy Paleo Shredded Beef needed to be tried!  I had a london broil in the freezer, which probably isn’t hugely ideal for the slow cooker but I didn’t see a reason NOT to.

Yummy shreddiness!

I did this exactly to the recipe, and it was very tasty.  Perhaps a bit too peppery for my taste, but I squeezed some lemon on top and it was perfect.  I like my food zingy!

When I was wandering thorough H-Mart last week, I came across PURPLE sweet potatoes.  Well, purple is my favorite color, so I had to try it.  I don’t eat potatoes very often, but I like them if I’ve had a very low carb day like today.  This is the potato while it was still raw:

So pretty!

This is a TOUGH potato! There was no way I was going to be able to peel that thick layer of skin off, so I chopped it (with quite a bit of effort!) and boiled them for about 15 minutes.  Look what color they are after that!

More pretty!

The skin peeled off really easily once they were cool enough to handle. These guys are VERY sweet!  I couldn’t believe how delicious they were.  Now, I apologize for the bad quality of this next photo, but remember that lemon I talked about earlier?  I squeezed some over my potatoes too:


They went FUCHSIA!  I don’t know how well that comes across in the picture, but they were very cool to look at.  I put butter on the potatoes (Kerrygold of course!) and chowed down.  I was too excited about eating that I forgot to take a picture of the finished plate!  Oops!