Sorry to have been quiet of late – the end of the year was full of emotional turmoil, a lot of self-pity, and ultimately food poisoning…it was 2011’s final revenge.  I’m happy to say now it’s over, and that I certainly started the new year off the paleo way…since I mainly had broth and a tiny bit of chicken on Jan 1.  Oh well!

2012 is now here, and as trite as it sounds, I feel a bit lighter mentally and emotionally.  I say that now…just a few days in, but I really needed to get 2011 behind me.  Last night I had a dream that I stood on the scale and it said 160lb.  If that was some kind of omen for this year, it will be a very good year indeed.  I have plans, you see…

Following on from my post about not setting challenges, I decided to do a 7 day challenge on my new (FUN!) Just Dance 3 game – the next day I got the food poisoning.  I need to stop cursing myself, clearly!  No challenges for me!  Goals – not challenges.  My GOAL is to be paleo every day, and to have a nice long string of days where I can say I was paleo.  If I make it to 30 days (and beyond) then, yay for me.  My GOAL is to exercise several times a week (I’ll come up with a firm goal later – back at work after being sick, so I’m a little slow), and log it so I can see my progress.  My GOAL is to not let the past burden me, and to not be afraid of making positive changes for myself.  It is ridiculous how you can want something so badly but still can be afraid of it happening, which is what I believe leads to the self-sabotage that’s kept me off track the last few months.  I haven’t been all out awful, and to be very honest, the Christmas season wasn’t all that challenging for me. I just think I haven’t been allowing myself to be happy or do the things that will help make me happy.  No more of that now!

I hope everyone has a great year ahead of them!  I can’t wait till I can cook again (stomach is still being a bit sensitive) so I can start posting recipes and pictures again.