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Oops, been missing these parts the past couple of weeks.  That pesky real life keeps getting in the way, with a healthy serving of malaise on the side.  It’s a difficult time of year for people suffering a loss.  All those firsts keep coming up, and it keeps the hurt fresh.  I lost two people this year, so it’s just a bit crap at the moment.

Anyway!  I made yummy food!  I didn’t have high hopes from to look of it, but it’s one of those things that ranks up with the Best Things I Have Tasted.  Today’s recipe is Chili Verde from Everyday Paleo.  It. Is. Delicious!  I have never cooked with tomatillos before, though I’ve certainly eaten them (not knowingly).  I have always loved salsa verde but I never gave much thought as to what the ingredients were…besides cilantro anyway.  Turns out it’s tomatillos that gives it the zing I love so much!  If you’ve never worked with them before, they’re kinda sticky when you peel them!

I didn’t have much choice of pork roasts at my store.  I got a 5+ pound picnic shoulder with the bone in.  I was able to cut off the 2.5 pounds necessary for this recipe with some left on the bone.  I think I might try to roast the bone slowly, and then pull off any remaining meat (there’s probably a meal’s worth) for some pulled pork.  I may also do a bone broth with the bone after it’s roasted.  If you’ve never tried it, bone broth has many health benefits.  I’m only wading into this at the moment, but I did make one rather successful broth and I’m thinking of trying to incorporate them into my everyday diet.  I only have a 1.5qt crock pot right now though (Christmas should bring me a bigger one), so it’s difficult to manage with such a small pot.

Here are my results:

Like I said, not too attractive, but it’s amazingly delicious.  I’m not sure much can be done to help the color (if it’s the sort of thing that bothers you), but please trust me this is excellent and tasty, and the meat falls apart as promised!  Also plenty of leftovers for a single person like me, which I appreciate when putting in the effort.

This recipe was easy to follow, and although process intensive, it was thoroughly worth the effort.  I WILL be making this again!  My tomatillos were $2.49/lb, and the recipe calls for 2 pounds so I think I will keep an eye out for markdowns.