I only tried duck about 8 years ago – my mom is not a fan, thus I had no exposure to it.  Ever since I HAVE tried it, I try to eat it at every opportunity.  I love roasted duck and all the tasty fat that goes along with it.  I found a great article about roasting a duck so I will do that soon.

I am lucky enough to live withing 5 minutes’ drive of an H-Mart, which is the Wegmans of Korean grocery stores.  The produce section is fabulous, there is a selection of sushi grade fish that I take advantage of every so often, as well as a giant seafood and meat section.  They sell all the strange off-cuts of the animals that you don’t tend to find in regular grocery stores (I will try more of them one day), but my most favorite part is the huge selection of pre-sliced meats for Korean barbecue.  I don’t have a grill (yet) but these thin meats cook really well in a skillet.  Last time I went, they had DUCK in these thin slices, so I had to buy some.

I got the camera out a bit late, but these are some of the pieces of duck frying – look at all that rendered fat!  While I was cooking the slices, I also got a sauce going on the side.

This is about a half a cup of tamari, a few tablespoons of honey, some fresh grated ginger, crushed garlic and lots of chopped scallions.  I let it come to a boil and let it reduce till it became a delicious glaze.

I was trying to clean out the fridge at the same time, and came across some egg whites that needed using up (from making Hollandaise sauce earlier in the week) and I had so much scallion left I thought I could make a little omelet from them.  I sauteed the scallions in the duck fat first, and then added the egg.  Tasty and fatty!  In retrospect, I should have reserved some of the fat as there was slightly too much for the amount of food.  Plus, I would have had some duck fat to taste over the next few days!

Here is my finished meal:

This was SO GOOD!  I love a good dark glaze, the duck was nice and crispy and mixing it all in with the egg white and scallions was a perfect accompaniment.  I will definitely be doing this again!