Oh hey, actual knitting content!

I have been knitting lots more as my life continues to settle down.  Knitting helps me to feel calm and centered, as well as productive.  It’s nice to feel as though I’m accomplishing something in the hours I have my arse planted on the sofa watching TV.

I have an…*ahem*….somewhat EXTREME surplus of yarn.  And fiber. Because spinning needs a stash of its own, obviously…and guess what?  It creates more yarn!  So, I rarely buy yarn these days unless it’s for something special; today I received 5 luxurious balls of wool/silk for a new project, which is a bit non-traditional.  It’s called the Sky Scarf.  It’s a conceptual project, in which you knit 2 rows per day (so the yarn always ends up back on the same side) which represent the color of the sky that day. Here is the yarn I chose:

It’s just a quick iPhone pic, but I have the bold blue for very clear days, light blue, white, light gray, and dark gray for stormy days.  You knit with 2 strand per day, so a blue sky with fluffy white clouds will be whichever blue is more accurate and white.  Strong blue sky with no clouds would be 2 strands of the darker blue.  I think I’ll keep a note in my phone to keep track of what I must knit.  However, I love storms so much that I will probably knit with the gray any time we have one!  Maybe if the sky is gorgeous all day and THEN we have a storm, I’ll combine the blue and gray.  It’s all up to me, and it should be fun!

I’m going to start it on November 8th, which is my birthday.  A year of progress, healing, and change.  I’m excited to start it.  There will be pictures!