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I had at least three meals since I last posted that were picture-worthy, but I didn’t realize this till they were half eaten.  *blush*  Well, they were all pretty delicious!  It’s amazing how flavorful paleo food is!  I hate to admit that I get tempted by grains now and then, but every time I come back on track, I can’t figure out what’s so bad about this lifestyle that I feel the need to eat bad stuff.  Oh well…

Small update on the chili – I will never do it THAT way again.  Browning the meat serves two purposes that I can see – it keeps the integrity of the meat while adding flavor and it reduces the moisture.  This chili was so…WET.  When I do it on the stove top, I like to make sure it’s nice, and thick and tomatoey.  I know the slow cooker will add moisture, but even after adding half a can of tomato paste, it was still too watery.  I heated up the leftovers in a frying pan to get rid of the excess moisture.  So bottom line, it was plenty tasty, but I will be browning the meat next time!

I’m feeling very optimistic about things these days.  Last weekend I slept a LOT.  It’s done wonders for my outlook.  I also have been reading up on thyroid function and I have a lot of indicators that mine isn’t quite right.  I did get diagnosed with a goiter a couple of years ago, but my doctor was reluctant to do much further testing. So I’m going to try to support my thyroid naturally.  Taking my coconut oil, D-3, and waiting on some brazil nuts (for the selenium) and kelp capsules (for the iodine).  I’m hoping it helps me finally start to lose weight.  I also should look at eating more vegetables for the same reason.  Very Low Carb (VLC) is not great for under-functioning thyroids.  I’ve been so lazy these days I have been mostly just eating meat and no vegetables.  Either way I might ask for a thyroid function test next time I go to the doctor (which could be ages from now, as I hate going).  I would much rather try to treat it naturally before submitting to taking pills.