This is my first post at my new blog.  My old blog has gone the way of the dodo, due to a traumatic end to a long-term relationship.  I am not immediately keen to reveal my connection to the old blog (not that many of you will know who I am), but I may ultimately link my info from some sites to this blog and just move ahead with this alter-ego.  Break-ups are a time for change, and I think a good healthy separation from the old blog is really the way to go.  (It was self-hosted on my ex’s webspace, and due to a variety of circumstances, I just wasn’t prepared to host it myself.)

So, why am I called Primalknitter?  Well, I explained some of that on my “about” page, but I will just say here that I eat a primal diet as is outlined on Mark’s Daily Apple, which has been an interesting journey for me…and I knit.  I started the primal blueprint lifestyle back in January 2011.  So far it hasn’t been the magic answer that it seems to be for a lot of other people, in terms of weight loss.  But I’m not giving up on it.  In the last nine months I have absolutely NOT been committed to any workout regime.  It has been a difficult year for me personally, and I didn’t channel my frustrations well at all.  I had a few bouts of being “off program” when the stress got intense, but I always came back to the plan.  I believe that if past precedent is correct, I’m not losing weight due to lack of exercise.  I did Weight Watchers twice in the past and I had insanely good results the time I was going to a gym regularly.  Right now, I have the option of going to the gym for free (I work at a university) but I also have a few exciting things at home that I’d like to get into a bit more, like a kettlebell and Zumba for Wii.  I also bought a new bike in hopes I could ride around the neighborhood, but the extreme hills around here are presenting a challenge.  I think it might also be too big for me, but I will try to figure that out soon. One thing the primal diet HAS notably changed is my measurements (inches are going down, even if pounds aren’t) and my GERD issues.  I never have a single lick of heartburn, reflux or indigestion if I stick to the primal diet.  But more on that later…

As for knitting, well yes, it’s my main hobby.  I have never felt more “at home” with a group of people as I have with other knitters.  I’m a real textile fanatic, and love being creative.  I invented the handle “primalknitter” when I signed up to a certain “healthy eating” website (which I don’t use anymore, since if you’re not eating according to conventional research, they like to run you off the site).  I hadn’t wanted to use the same old handle I’d been using around the internet for years.  I think it’s started to become part of me and how I see myself.