Primal Pumpkin Pancakes


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Hello, and welcome to day one of Operation: Carb It Up!

When I started the Primal diet, I did include an awful lot more carbs than I have been recently. I even made grain free pancakes.  Then when I mistakenly believed various input on the internet that not only said that carbs are evil, but also that making grain-free alternatives of foods from CW days was a BAD HABIT.  Obviously it means I would never convert to “full Paleo” because I was clinging to my CW days.  Well, based on the information I have discovered in the last 24 hours, I’m just going to say this once, to all those superior folks: BITE ME!  *ahem*

I think the right way to go about this would be to include a measurable amount of carbs in each meal, rather than eating one carb bomb in the evening.  There is a lot of dispute about this, but for MY situation, I believe this is the best way.  If my thyroid is truly struggling to convert my body’s engine from a carb burning one to a fat burning one due to the lack of useable carbs, I want it to have the energy to do this all day long.  So this morning I treated myself to something I had previously felt guilt eating – pancakes!

I have been craving pumpkin, so a quick google for “primal pumpkin pancakes” turned up this gem of a recipe from Primal 30 Day Challenge.  Oh my:

I did slightly overcook the one side.  The recipe does say to cook them on a medium-low heat, so think of it more like baking the pancakes on the stovetop rather than frying them like normal pancakes.  I have issues with my cheap apartment stove, so I know to just turn the gas down a bit next time.  The thing I like most about this recipe is that the recipe is for one person, and that it’s a REALLY easy recipe to put together.  I enjoy coconut pancakes, but not the fuss of getting them mixed up and having lots of leftover batter or pancakes. Even reducing the recipe, this happens. So this recipe is pretty perfect for a single person, but is also really easy to double for two or more people.  I didn’t notice till after I took a bite that there was no added sugar in the recipe, which is good! They are very tasty even without sugar but I drizzled them with some pure maple syrup anyway! Here we are all served up:


The texture is dense, but that should be no surprise to anyone who has tried grain free “breads”.  Serve with lots of butter and consume with gusto!  Later today I’m headed out to the store for some carbalicious vegetables and squashes. I’ve been really craving some fried plantains, so I think they will be the first on the list! It’s a happy day!